All our Fairytales: part 20

I become fascinated by the changes in the music industry that this little advent calendar has highlighted for me. Once upon a time, a band might perform in local pubs. get gigs with bigger audiences and, if they were fortunate, get spotted by a promoter or have a demo tape pulled out the lucky dip and get a record contract. it would be the record company that would be the route to a wider audience. Now however, artists can reach a global audience with nothing much more than a decent mic set-up and an Internet connection. It seems to me that YouTube has been more of a disruptor than Napster or iTunes ever were. Yesterday’s act and todays are YouTube famous. Not that I realised that last year when I found this version on Apple Music. In this cover he is partnered by Kate MacGill, on vocals and keyboard. Kate is another YouTube star. Indeed possibly more of a star than Ortopilot, given she has a wikipedia page and he does not.

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