All our Fairytales: part 18

Time for another Shane. This one with the Popes, the band he formed post-Pogues “my band, so they can’t tell me what to do” . And in Kirsty’s place his mother, Theresa.

Just to be clear, that’s his actual mother, not the the nun.

But I am going to take this opportunity to talk about a film fans of this song and Shane must see. The Friday before last for Sue’s birthday, I took her to see Crock of Gold: A few rounds with Shane MacGowan at the cinema. It’s really good fun, with a mix of interviews, achieve, Ken Burns style photos and animation. The “interviews” are snatches from the archive and three recorded conversations with Shane and his old mates Johnny Depp, Bobby Gillespie, and Gerry Adams. Does it reveal truths? Well I am sure I learned a few things, but its an exercise in myth making too, I would not rely upon any of the narrators.

But the myth it makes is one I can live with.

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