All our Fairytales: part 16

Whoops I forgot to post yesterday’s cover. And it’s not dreadful either. I thought after recent travesties I could at least give you a cover by an Irish band. Here are the Whistlin Donkeys

This one seems half a beat slower than the original. I am not sure why? And I am not even sure that “half a beat slower is a thing” maybe I should not betray my dreadful knowledge of music and shut up. (Did you know I have a PhD in Music? Yeah, its crazy.)

They have made a video, which is better that Pogue’s video for Streams if Whisky but franking not all that much, in which two of the band members have a mild argument about timekeeping in a pub, which sort of undercuts the emotional power of the song.

Anyhow, that’s yesterdays section. Today’s will be along in a while. (My posts are like combine harvesters, you wait all day they two turn up at once.)

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