All our Fairytales: part 15

As I have previously mentioned there is a class of Fairytale covers that I call “Johnny No-Mates”, wherein the duet is sung solo, most often by a bloke. Christy Moore does a good job of it, and we we have endured, Jon Bon Jovi does a really really terrible job of it. Somewhere in the middle comes this version from the Norfolk actor Mateo Oxley.

When I say actor, you might think, “has he been in anything I have actually seen?” He has! We was in the comedy spoof The Windors, with me old drinking buddy* Hugh Skinner and Harry Enfield, among others. Indeed they named the whole episode ofter his role, Eduardo.

This bland, saccharine version adds nothing to the canon, and avoids the whole controversial lyrics issue by just not singing the entire verse! Still its better than Jon Bon Jovi.

*I was sitting next to him in the BFI bar but actually too starstruck (to too drunk) to say anything to him.

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