All our Fairytales: part 10

Well this is an interesting one, or alternatively, a supremely uninteresting one. It is also pretty pointless, while at the same time having a point… I guess.

My daughter just got a job at HMV, and was in her store for training when “the granny records” finally arrived. The granny records are that special Christmas stock of discs that you can buy your granny, full of inoffensive music by the likes of Michael Ball. Though of course some would argue that music by Michael Ball is the definition of offensive. Tastes differ.

But if you find the “controversial” lyrics of the original not to your taste, or indeed are offended by the blandness of any of the alternative lyrics – then I have the version for you (and for your Granny). This cover, by by the Australian guitarist Craig Ogden, has NO LYRICS AT ALL!

Seriously, what’s the point? Well I guess its a version you can play on Classic FM, who are the sponsors of Craig’s Christmas Time album.

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