All our Fairytales: part 7

Yesterday we had bells and brass. This version give us another vital element of a true Christmas tune – a choir.

Paloma Faith feat Scouting for Girls BBC Sessions

Of course the original had the “NYPD Choir” in the lyrics, but no choir on the actual recording. Indeed when they needed an NYPD choir for the video, they discovered such a thing did not exist. So you have the massed pipers of the NYPD singing in the video. And they are not singing “Galway Bay” – the only song they all knew the words to was one they had grown up up with. So, famously, they are actually mouthing the Mickey Mouse Club theme: Em eye sea, kay ee why! Em oh you ess ee!

The choir arrangement in this one is really very good. Paloma Faith gets into character (though I am not sure which character) and the overall effect is not dreadful. I note with some interest that this BBC Radio 1 session sticks with the controversial lyrics, in 2018.

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