Please take this very short survey

The problem with doing a PhD part-time is that trends change more quickly than my research. It doesn’t mean that my research has been overtaken, but questions I asked three or four years ago might have very different answers.

To that end I have a very short survey I’d like to you do two things with. First of all, answer it yourselves, and secondly, share the link with as many people (over 16) as you can.

It really won’t take even five minutes to completeime. **Edit 22 Sept: so far the average to complete the survey is three minutes, fifty seconds.** Thank you in advance for your participation.

4 thoughts on “Please take this very short survey

  1. I’m enjoying this blog and pleased to take part in the survey. One thought: could there be room after saying which games we enjoy to mention other games which might be relevant to your study? Am thinking particularly of thatgamecompany’s Journey which has a very strong ‘sense of place’.
    Best, Elfie

    1. Hi Elfie, there was a more open ended question just like that in the first iteration of the survey, but this one is targeting a very specific question to see if there are any a changes in to the response over the years since that first version. I agree that Journey would have been a very good one to study. But it didn’t make my cut, partly because it’s only available on PS

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