Gamifying MS Visual

Its been a busy week at work and university, with Chawton and preparation for a presentation at school. And my work for Opposites attracts has suffered, first pushed beyond last weekend, when I had planned to do it, and then made ineffectual by tiredness after work.

So I only finished what I’d planned to finish last Saturday, today, moments before going into to my presentation (which probably wasn’t a good idea as it turns out, but that’s another story.)

Nashwa an I had started off by sketching out a quick flow diagram of the parts of the game that we actually planned to create for the prototype:


Nashwa had already started to create some of the basic functionality in MS Visual Studio. She zipped the project over to me and gave me a brief tutorial when we spoke last week. My job was to add the story, both visually and in narrative.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My digital drawing Fu wasn’t with me this week, so after a few disappointing attempts to create icons digitally, I scanned some of my preliminary sketches, cleaned them up a bit and shrunk them down to 100×100 pixel bitmaps, with transparent backgrounds. I want to flip the first mate image, so that I can have him facing left when he is a button, and right when he illustrates the timer. I’ll do that this weekend.

The other thing I want to do this weekend is fettle the achievements screen (not pictured here) to create greyscale images of the rewards you have not yet earned, which become colour when you earn them. I also want to add some indicating the higher levels that we are not actually creating.

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