@HeritageJam 2015 diary 5 – Twine, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

Short post today, to scream my frustration into the aether. You recall that when Team Oakleaf got together, we had a bit of a confusion over Twine 1.4, which I’d written in, and Twine 2 the shiny new version, which my teammate had downloaded. I hadn’t done much in my version, so we had the chance to choose which we should use. 

Cat left the decision to me, and the more experienced Twiner (!), I plumped for 1.4 because the image and (particularly) sound handing seemed better in that version. So one we went, Cat has turned in a couple of brilliant aural models, one of which has to be heard to be believed. I got most of the way with the Twine until all I had to do was create a way for readers to change a variable, without linking to a new passage. 

Two days I’ve spent on that. Using up all the time I’d planned to work on my Team Infopointers project. 

Can’t be done – except in Twine 2


5 thoughts on “@HeritageJam 2015 diary 5 – Twine, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

    1. Not quite sadly. Though I am using the brilliant sounds macro from there. I have a slightly clunky work around. But I’ll be submitting that as I ran out to time today after somebody ran into my car after work and spent a couple of hours awaiting recovery. Heh Ho.

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