@HeritageJam 2015 diary 4 – two projects.

Not as much progress as I’d hoped for this week. On Team Oakleaf, I spent last Sunday with a deck of index cards and a sharpie, breaking the story for a Twine game. The cards are still scattered, though more chaotically than they were across my dining room table. I had agreed with Cat, my Oakleaf team-mate, that one the job was done I’d type it all up in Prezi to share with her. But as I sat at my lap-top (which no-longer seems to be charging – I need to look into that), I thought that the time I spent typing text in Prezi would be duplicated when i came to type it into Twine.

So, I spent the evening typing it into Twine instead, Cat would have to down load Twine sooner or later anyway, I thought. Job done, I saved it all into a DropBox folder (optimistically titled “Phoenix”)m and shared the folder with her.

On Tuesday evening I turned to my other project for Team Info-pointers. My teammates had sent me a demo infopoint – a Raspberry Pi and a vicious looking high-end wi-fi adapter and other things. So I spend the evening preparing a system card with Raspian OS and Wireshark (including dumpcap), then firing up up the Pi and (step one) putting the wifi adapter into Monitor mode. Not all wifi dongles are capable of this, and Windows machines especially don’t build in the ability. Despite being a GUI interface, its not the most intuitive, so much of the evening was spent finding my way around the Wireshark software. What I couldn’t work out how to do, was have any impact on the wifi adapter itself. It sat there, glowing blue but refusing to respond to anything I clicked on. All the while the Monitor Mode checkbox sat ghosted and unclickable.

So I spurned the comforts of the GUI interface and turned to the Command Line. Still no luck. Just the smug blue glow of the adapter. I emailed my troubles to team-mate Paul and went to bed.

When Paul replied with the correct CLI syntax, I went straight there and typed it in.

wlan0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device

Aha, the (blue) light was on, but no-one was home. I swapped out the adapter for the cheap one from my boy’s Pi. As a booted up the project Pi, the little blue LED blinked and chattered away. The baleful blue of the fancy dongle was not smugness after all, but a lonely, dumb plea for someone to talk to. I was missing a driver. So I spent the morning working out what was missing. All I needed to do was “apt-get” firmware-Linux-free. No problem!

Problem! Can’t get on-line! So, I swap the dongles again, download firmware-Linux-free, and then restart with the fancy one. Success! I work out how to change the Time coloum to record UTC, hours minutes and 100millionths of a second, set the Source MAC as the next column, and then I crate a new column to record RSSI (which interestingly is a negative two digit number). I set it sniffing.

Now with the adapter working in Monitor mode. I turn back to Team Oakleaf. Cat has downloaded Twine, but can’t load my draft. I try to do the same, downloading Twine onto my Mac and indeed, I can’t import my own draft story into it either. Slight panic as I fear the story saved on Sunday evening may have been corrupted. The I realise – a new version has come out since I last used it. I wrote the story in Twine 1.4 and I’ve downloaded Twine 2. And the two are incompatible. I assume Cat has done the same thing, and email her. 1.4 is still available, she can use that to take a peek at what I’ve done.

But now a conundrum, do I replicate my work in a new Twine 2 story or, as cooperative working seems slightly easier in Twine 1.4, should we stay in that?

Then, back to Team Infopointers,  I take a look at what Wireshark has been sniffing. I can see my own Wifi router, my neighbour’s, their Apple TV too (I’m assuming – I don’t have one). But not (I think after much watching and switching on and off of devices) any mobile devices…

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