Measuring engagement

Just a short post today with a couple of fun links. I chanced upon this TED talk from Roz Picard this morning:

Roz is a a professor of Affective Computing at MIT and runs the spin-out Affectiva, and uses technology to measure emotional engagement. Much of the video talks about measuring skin conductence, and she gives a number of example of using that, to measure her own perfomance giving TED talks, identify the most engaging beats of movie commercials, work with non-verbal people on the autistic spectrum and even to measure grief. But as she points out, this method doesn’t differentiate between “positive” affect such as  joy and “negative” ones like fear.

So they’ve also been working on computer algorithms that measure facial emotions. Much in the same way that Nicole Lazarro did. Affectiva is all about selling this technology to third parties, but they do have a free app on the iTunes store so you can give their emotion recognition engine a try:

I need to see if anyone has used either of these technologies on people  experiencing heritage sites.

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