Is it 1:20 am? Or is it 8:20pm?

Trying not to go to bed at 8:20, though I REALLY wanted to a couple of hours ago. I’m trying to stay awake though to better adjust to local time. So forgive this little travelog, It is, after all my very first international conference, so I’m allowed just a little excitement. My day started at 5am. UK time. My lovely wife drove me to the airport in time to get through security by 6:33. Then of course, having got through so quickly I had an hour to wait before my gate was announced. When it was it was a good long walk away, so that took about fifteen minutes, which was nice, then I sat down for a few minutes with Country Life. Seriously, when did they start giving Country Life away at airports? Anyhow, I picked it up because it had some lovely Light Sussex chickens on the cover, just like my girls. These particular chicken cover-girls were part of a feature article encouraging the landed gentry who usually read the magazine to use their local breeds.


I got a good view of the snow and mountains on Greenland as we flew over.


A couple of hours later I got the sort of views of Canadian lakes that made me want to come back as a tourist. But I only had long enough at Toronto Airport, to go through US border control, and then with three other passengers, board a little Beechcraft 1900 turboprop for the hop across Lake Ontario to Rochester.


Goodbye Canada
Goodbye Canada

Hello USA
Hello USA


I was welcomed to Rochester with a conference banner at the airport. When i told my wife about it, she said “It’s either a bigger conference than I thought, or a smaller airport.”

And  its gone 9pm local time, 2am at home, and I think I can allow myself to go to bed now.

Oh, and yes, I know. I promise – no more travelogues.